Pleasant Garden Fire Department
Pleasant Garden, NC 27313
"Others before self, that's what we live for."
Proudly Serving Since 1952

Mission & Vision Statement

Our mission statement:
Pleasant Garden Fire Department, Inc. is a Professional and Progressive Organization committed to teach and educate the people that reside in our community in the area of Fire Prevention and Fire Safety. Pleasant Garden Fire Department, Inc. consist of members who are dedicated and committed to serving the people of our community by providing rapid response, effective operations, and quality care in the event of Fire, Rescue, Medical, Hazardous Material, or Natural Disaster Incident occurring in our community or any other place we are called upon for help.
Our vision statement:
The Pleasant Garden Fire Department is committed to providing a superior level of Emergency Service that continually improves the quality of life, health, and safety of the people we serve – The Citizens of Pleasant Garden
Our Motto:

“Others before self, that’s what we live for!"

Pleasant Garden Fire Department
4814 Pleasant Garden Rd, Pleasant Garden, NC 27313
(336) 674-5619