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These presentations are designed to educate adults about eliminating fire and injury hazards in the home.

 The target audiences for these presentations are homeowners, senior adults, parents with small children.

 The topics include:

    “Fire Safety Hazards”

    “Installing smoke alarms and carbon 

              monoxide alarms”

    “Making and practicing home escape plans”

    “Kitchen Safety”

    “Fall and Injury hazards”



Interested in seeing what a fire station looks like and about what the fire department does?  We're happy to provide an informative and interesting guided tour of the Pleasant Garden Fire Department Station 3. The tour will include a short history of the department, a tour of the facility, learn all about our fire apparatus, and fire safety messages about kitchen safety, smoke alarms, escape plans and exit drills along the way.  Families can drop by anytime. We request that groups call for an appointment.

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